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Product Sample Terms & Conditions

1. Requesting Samples

All Product Sample Requests must be made in writing to the Sales team by an authorised person. An authorised person is any person at the customer's business who has regular contact with Fastbox for the purposes of quotation or purchasing.

Samples requested over the phone will require confirmation in writing to confirm that these Terms and Conditions have been read and understood.

Standing Requests, where a customer wishes all specifications quoted to be sampled, will only be considered if the Standing Request is made in writing, and approval of such request remains at the discretion of the Managing Director.

Fastbox takes no liability for Sample Requests made by an apparent authorised person, where they no longer have the authority to make a Sample Request, unless this lack of authority has been expressly communicated to Fastbox.

2. General

Product Samples provided by Fastbox are for Size and Style purposes only. Wherever possible, Fastbox will try to use the exact board grade for samples if available, however any special grades (such as unique materials, semichemical or waste-based fluting etc.) cannot be used for sample purposes.

Where special materials have had to be ordered to manufacture a Product Sample, Fastbox reserves the right to charge the cost price for these materials to the Customer, along with any price for excess materials if these have been charged to Fastbox.

Printed samples cannot be produced by Fastbox in any instance, if a printed sample is required, this must be discussed with the Sales team, as extra charges apply.

3. Timeframe

Fastbox endeavours to have Product Samples produced within 5 working days. Where production and sales periods are at their busiest, this timeframe is subject to change to allow for effective production and completion of other business processes. No liability is taken on by Fastbox for delays beyond this timeframe for the manufacture and supply of Product Samples.

4. Charges

Product Samples are subject to charges where the customer fails to place an order for that same product within 30 days of the Product Sample being issued to the customer.

Charges are priced at a flat fee of £20 excluding VAT, which will be invoiced to Credit Account customers 30 days from the date the Product Sample was issued. This Invoice will follow the standard payment terms that apply to the Credit Account.

For Proforma Customers, this fee is to be paid up front prior to the Product Sample being produced. This charge will then be deducted from the Proforma of the production order if and when this order is placed, provided that the order is made within 30 days of the Product Sample being issued.

The timeframe for charges being applied can be varied at the discretion of Fastbox, and a request for such variation must be made in writing to the Managing Director.

Fastbox retains the right to amend this flat fee at any time, and such change will be communicated to customers within 24 hours of the fee being amended.

Fastbox retains the right to alter this fee on an ad-hoc basis, where complex design work is necessary, or if exact materials are required.

All charges will be communicated to the Customer prior to a Product Sample being produced.

5. Alterations

Unless expressly stated otherwise, each Product Sample can have up to 5 (five) alterations or revisions made to them, which is included within the flat fee charge. Any additional alterations will be subject to further charges which will be communication prior to producing the altered sample.

6. Approval

All Product Samples issued by Fastbox must be approved by the customer prior to being manufactured. If a Purchase Order for the production run of the Product is received after a Sample has been issued, this will be considered as approval of the Product Sample. Likewise, payment of a Proforma for a Production Order will also be considered as approval of the Product Sample.

These Terms & Conditions should be considered in conjunction with other Sales and Credit Account Terms & Conditions.