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We offer all forms of Printed Cartons, with a specialisation in Flexographic Printing utilising our in-house Printer/Slotters and Casemaker.

For Digital, Lithographic and Screen Printed Cartons, we utilise our extensive Trade Network to bring you the most competitive prices.

Weipong Venus-1230 FFG Casemaker

Our Weipong Casemaker is the workhorse of our Production Line, boasting 3 colour flexographic printing, rotary diecutting and inline gluing, perfect for single pass manufacturing of Regular Slotted Cartons and Shelf Ready Packaging.

Deckle Chop
Min Sheet Size (Cases): 350mm 600mm
Max Sheet Size (Cases): 1200mm 3000mm
Min Sheet Size (Diecuts): 350mm 600mm
Max Sheet Size (Diecuts): 1200mm 1500mm

TCY 6PA Printer/Slotter

One of our two TCY Printer/Slotter Machines, the 6PA is capable of printing up to Three PMS Colours at speeds of up to 2000 sheets/hour. This machine can produce your Regular Slotted Carton styles such as FEFCO 0200, 0201 and 0203, as well as Telescopic and Wrapper style boxes.

Deckle Chop
Min Sheet Size: 300mm 600mm
Max Sheet Size: 1200mm 2980mm

TCY 8PS Printer Slotter

Our other TCY Printer/Slotter, the 8PS, handles our Large Format Case manufacturing. This machine can print up to Two PMS Colours and also has the ability to produce our largest Diecuts, all whilst reaching speeds of up to 2000 sheets/hour.

Deckle Chop
Min Sheet Size: 370mm 760mm
Max Sheet Size: 1600mm 3950mm


Flexographic Printing is a printing method where a flexible rubber or elastomeric polymer is used to apply inks to a surface. It is a more modern version of letterpress with high speed rotary functionality. Artwork for flexographic printing must be designed with the print method in mind, which is why we have developed our own Guide to Flexographic Printing.

Here at FastBox, we use the Pantone Matching System for our inks. This ensures that there is minimal variation between print batches when compared to RGB and CMYK printing.

Common Styles of Printed Cartons